Fast Forward Thinking
for the Next Generation of Video

Promethean Player:

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    Next Gen Ultra-HD Live Playback

    Watch multiple streams of 1080p and experience 4k UHD

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    Watch streams up to 60FPS

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    Play Twitch and Youtube Streams

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    Flashless HTML5

    Consistant playback on all devices without any plugins

Technical Details

  • Redundant streams and performance fallback scenarios for an uninterrupted viewing experience
  • Browser agnostic playback of HLS video powered by next generation playback technology
  • Mobile Browser Support: Safari, Chrome.
  • Complete IMA3 Ad support: Backwards compatible for VPAID1 and support for next-gen HTML5 VPAID2 ads
  • Built with ES6 Javascript and SASS
  • MP4/ HLS/ DASH Support
  • Scalable and inline drawn UI caches in browser for immediate rendering
  • CDN Agnostic. Tested and confirmed playback with streams from the leading CDN’s including Akamai, Cloudfront, Limelight, Edgecast, Comcast, Highwinds and Level3
  • HTTPS Compliant

Make Video Pay with Click-to-action Overlays

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    Drive transactions from your stream

    sponsorship delivery, affiliate program activation, live stats engagement, impulse purchase from store

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    Defeat Ad Block

    Designed to mitigate revenue loss

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    Engage your community

    place anywhere, activate in chat

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    Measurable results

    track your campaigns with our dashboard

  • CPC model
  • Never Disrupts the Viewing Experience
  • Optimum Targeting and Triggering
  • Real-time Trackability
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Avoids Ad Block
  • Minuscule Serving Costs