Your Streams. Your Way.

We design and build custom streaming solutions.

The Promethean team take a “Design & Build” approach to Online Video Platforms. The team owns IP surrounding Video Player Technology and Click-To-Action Overlays. We have many years’ expertise with selecting partners and integrating them into a full end to end solution.

Next Generation
Media Player

Multi-Screen Broadcast
Click-to-Action Overlays
Companion Apps

Global Streaming Systems

Cloud Platform Stack
Transcoding Solutions
Multi-CDN Management
Embeddable Chat

Monetization Layer

Live Insertion Midroll
Subscriptions and Donations
Loyalty System
Broadcaster Alerts

Omni Channel

Full Tablet & Phone Universal Design (our team won 3 design awards in 2015)
1080p HLS Live Streaming, Live DVR & Pinch-to-Zoom
Fullscreen chat & landscape video mode
Chromecast & AirPlay TV Casting
Apple Watch Notifications
Roku Ready