About Promethean

What is Promethean.tv?
Promethean.tv provides solutions to maximise returns on video content. We facilitate a transaction direct on any video stream, creating a call to action that online viewers interact with directly. We deliver real sponsorship results by driving viewers to complete purchase of sponsor products and services during broadcast.

What does Promethean mean?
of, relating to, or resembling Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire from Olympus and gave it to humankind (for which Zeus chained him to a rock and sent an eagle to eat his liver); especially: daringly original or defiantly creative. The ancients believed that the name Prometheus derived from the Greek pro (before) + manthano (learn) and the agent suffix -eus, thus meaning “Forethinker”.

At Promethean we believe in 20/20 foresight.

For instance, by 2020, for every second that passes, nearly a million minutes of video content will stream online. By 2020, video traffic will comprise over 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Business is predicted to spend $3bn dollars on video marketing. Yet by 2020, ad blocking on online video is forecast to cost $35 billion in lost revenues – and that’s without any direct call to action. The commerce gap is staggering.

Why the Promethean team?
Our team has a long pedigree building online video platforms and players for partners. We also spent three years running a live streaming network focused on eSports that grew to 12.5MM UMVs. We heard sponsors complain about the disconnect between the reach of online video and the reward. We saw investors question the gap between the cost of streaming and the return. We saw media companies struggle to engage with the millennial audience. And we knew that in the technologies we own, we held the secret of fire.